Top Tour in Phuket


1.Phi Phi Islands Tour by Speedboat

A� A� A� A� A� Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park is located in Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, covering some areas of the Andaman Sea and the southern regiona��s west coast. As a marine national park rich in natural beauty, it has islands, coral reefs, coralline algae, a wonderful seabed and the parka��s unique landscape, i.e. Limestone Mountains with several levels of cliffs as well as amazing caves and long white beach with fossil shells.

A� A� A� A� A� The park consists of two main areas, the islands and the coastal area which includes the Ao Nam Mao area and the Pa Ao Nang-Hang Nak area. It has high and steep mountains running northwest-southeast parallel to the coast. The west side of the mountains is steeper than the east side. A small river called Khlong Khao Klom receives fresh water from a lake called a�?Nong Thalea�? and flows through the Khao Hang Nak mangrove forest. This river naturally creates the mangrove forest and a lowland area with melaleuca forest known as a�?Khlong Haenga�? or a�?Noppharat Thara Beacha�?

2.Sea Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay

A� A� A� A� A� Phang Nga Bay is the most popular sea kayaking tourist destinations in southern Thailand.

A� A� A� A� A� You learn the difference between White-belly Sea Eagles and Brahminy Kites (another large raptor). Other frequent sightings include Pacific Reef Egrets, a variety of Kingfishers, Little Herons, Frigate Birds, and Blue Rock Thrushes. Sometimes you catch sight of Oriental Pied Hornbills or Southern Pied Hornbills perched in trees or in flight. And The mildly adventurous day of sea-kayaking (and a bit of sea-swimming).Ita��s a great place to be based while exploring the sights along the island, especially if you only have a few days to enjoy the sunnier parts of Thailand. And if you do one thing on Phuket, it has to be a day trip out to Phang Nga Bay.

3.Flying Hanuman

A� A� A� A� A� Flying Hanuman is an adventure like no other on Phuket. It shows that the islanda��s beauty goes far beyond the sea, sun and sand that it is famous for. The hillsides of Phuket overflow with thick forest that is great for exploration and outdoor activities.
A� A� A� A� A� What Flying Hanuman aimed to achieve was to provide travelers with exceptional service, enjoyment, excitement and memories without impacting the natural balance within the forest environment surrounding it. There is no better way to take in the other face of the Pearl of the Andaman.

4.Hanuman World

A� A� A� A� A� A�Hanuman World gives you a slice of the time when this monkey god showed that he had no limits, feared nothing, and would do everything to reach his goal. Just like a dedicated adventurer should.

A� A� A� A� A� A�You will soar across the hillsides, skimming the ground and spiraling around the trees, gliding through the branches and becoming one with Hanumana��s treetop home.

A� A� A� A� A�On a Zipline, you are closer to heaven not only because of the height, but because you are doing what Hanuman does best. You are Flying!

trazodone 100 mg high A� A� A� A� A� Youa��ll glide with great speed across the natural landscape just as easily as Hanuman can. You will understand the sensation of being where the worlda��s beauty is matched by the power of the Gods.

5.Banana Beach Hey Island

A� A� A� A� A� A� Here you are, one step closer to something beautiful. Youa��ll be standing there soon, white sand between your toes, gentle blue sea swishing beside you, and green jungle rising in the other direction. Then within that sea, inside that forest, are more treasures. Ita��s time to discover. Ita��s only a quick boat ride away. Banana A� A� A� A� A� A�

A� A� A� A� A� Beach is the best corner of Koh Hey (Coral Island) and one of the most beautiful attractions in Phuket. You wona��t believe that ita��s so close and holds so many fantastic Phuket activities. In fact, the speedboat ride from Chalong Pier is already an adventure.

6.Phuket FantaSea Show

A� A� A� A� A�Phuket is a hilly island and so it has plenty of good viewpoints to appreciate the spectacular scenery. The journey to find them is half the fun. If you get out on the road and search out some of the following viewpoints, you will not only enjoy the spectacular views, but also get the chance to explore Phuket. You will find many points of interest along the way and there is never a shortage of refreshment establishments.

7.Phuket Island & City Tour

A� A� A� A� A� Phuket City is a fascinating city that can be explored on foot or by traditional means of transportation, tuk-tuk or Sino-Portuguese architecture that is evident in the citys shop houses provides the town with a charming atmosphere and a late 19th century ambience. For visitors interested in strolling along the city, start the trip at the central post office and walk west along Thalang Road, then turn south at the Standard Chartered Bank building and walk towards Yaowarat Road. Continue the trip to Fountain Circle, then head west to Ranong Road and proceed to Patipat Road, which connects with the historic Krabi Road.

8.White Water Rafting in Phang Nga

A� A� A� A� A� Although there are no large rivers on Phuket, nearby Phang Nga province is a good place to enjoy this eco-friendly adventure sport. Most rafting trips take place on the Khlong Song Phraek stream in the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary, not far from Phang Nga Town.

A� A� A� A� A� The stream is quite narrow with a few boulders. The rapids are rated Class 2 and Class 3 using to the International Grading System. A lot of fun if you dona��t mind getting wet but pretty tame if you have been whitewater rafting on larger rivers.

A� A� A� A� A�The trip is quite short, only taking about half a day. Most rafting trips to the area will usually include other activities such as elephant trekking or hiking to one of the waterfalls in the wildlife sanctuary.

A� A� A� A� A� Whitewater rafting in Phang Nga is available year round, though the rainy season, from June to November, is by far the best time to go.

9.Phuket Viewpoints

A� A� A� A� A� Phuket is a hilly island and so it has plenty of good viewpoints to appreciate the spectacular scenery. The journey to find them is half the fun. If you get out on the road and search out some of the following viewpoints, you will not only enjoy the spectacular views, but also get the chance to explore Phuket. You will find many points of interest along the way and there is never a shortage of refreshment establishments.

A� A� A� A� A� Also known as Three-Beach Viewpoint as once you reach its peak perched in the south of Kata Beach, in front of you is the breathtaking view of beautiful Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beaches as well as the deep-blue Andaman sea. The viewpoint is located along the ring road, half-way between Nai Harn Beach and Kata Noi Beach.

10.Elephant Trekking

A� A� A� A� A� Are you looking for a little adventure during your holiday? If you are, then how about a ride on an elephant?

A� A� A� A� A� In the past, elephants worked in logging camps in the rain forests of northern Thailand. Nowadays machines have taken over the elephanta��s job of logging and consequently, elephants and their handlers, or mahouts are out of work. The mahout, who is often the elephanta��s owner, is with the elephant for decades and is solely responsible for its care. Many mahouts are trying to create new job opportunities for themselves and their elephants by offering elephant rides to eager tourists.

11.Siam Niramit Show

A� A� A� A� A� Siam Niramit, or the Enchanted Kingdom, is a state-of-the art theater yielding one of the largest stage productions in the world. The show is a captivating 80-minute adventure through the history and culture of Thailand in high-flying fashion, with live elephants, acrobatics, pyrotechnics and stuntsa��all performed by a troupe made up of thousands of performers adorned in great costumes.

A� A� A� A� A� Great for the whole family. Aside from the show and dinner, the theatera��s facilities also contains a number of other attractions as well, including outdoor performances, souvenir shops, a traditional Thai massage parlor and even an opportunity to enjoy a few rides.

12.Cabaret Show

A� A� A� A� A� Experience the extravaganza entertainment center of the south at the Cabaret Show! Enjoy the most hi-tech equipment, the superb stage design, and the famous Cabaret, making the show the most exciting place to be on the Andaman Gulf.And Experience the ultimate Phuket theater, show and musical experience during an evening at the Cabaret Show. This one-on-a-kind experience offers travelers a night of thrilling entertainment that is not to be missed! Enjoy a Las Vegas-style production influenced by Thai culture and traditions.

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